Trip to Surprise.

After a few straight night games in which we got to play in beautiful Arizona evening weather(minus last nights dust storm), it was time to wake up early again and hit the road for 12:35 game in Surprise, Arizona. This facility has been the nicest place, in my opinion we have played at. The visitor locker room was nice, clean, and spacious which is always nice. The stadium is shared between the Kansas City Royals, and the Texas Rangers. I’m not really sure how it works come spring training time but as far as the Arizona Fall League goes it works well because the Surprise Rafters team is made up of the Royals, Cardinals, Brewers, Rangers and the Tigers. 

Before the game, while we were scrambling to get some food in our systems, some Oakley’s Reps came in and were exchanging old sunglasses for a brand new pair. I took complete advantage of this because my Oakley M-Frames were about 6 years old. I got some white Radars and complimented it with two other awesome lenses. Here’s a picture of them..
Anyone who knows me, knows I love cool gear so I was thrilled to trade in my old sunglasses for these. As for the game we didn’t score as many runs as the Rafters so, yea. Final score was 10-4. But we will bounce back. As for tomorrow, we have our first off day so it will be nice to go explore Arizona, and get our legs under us for the next six game set. 
So far, I am loving my experience here, and meeting some really cool guys from different organizations. I am learning a lot just by being around some of the top players in the minor leagues. Yogi said it right, “You can observe a lot just by watching!”

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