let the games begin..

OK, so yesterday was our first game, and a home game at that. Our opponent was the Mesa Solar Sox comprised of the Mets, Cubs, Angels, Pirates and Phillies. Since we are required to take infield so many times per week, the first half of the day was no different than the previous few, stretch throw, infield, then batting practice. The hitting groups were as follows: first 5 batters of the lineup in the first group, batters 5-9 plus one, then the guys who were selected to be designated high five givers during the game were in group three. I was a high five giver/ first base coach in our home opener. When it comes to first base coaching, there are guidelines to follow. Normally there are about 4-5 people who aren’t in the game that can be selected as a first base coach. First when you get a runner on base, you casually walk over and give them either a high five, butt slap, or close fisted pound followed by the standard “atta’ boy”, or “nice piece of hitting”, or “good eye champ.” Then you take their batting gloves and fold them nicely together so that you don’t lose them. And if they are wearing protective armor, you can A: wear it, or 2: toss it over to the dugout(if the dugout is on the first base side, which it is when we are home). Next, you pay attention to the third base coach and make sure the baserunner gets the sign if any. Lastly, you rifle through the huge sum of seeds that you stuffed in your mouth before walking out to the coaches box. Or if you prefer  bubble gum, you try to blow massive bubbles while assuming the first base coaches power position(wide stance hands on your knees), making sure to keep your eyes on the pitcher. When the team scores a run while you are out there, you have just bought yourself another inning. Yesterday Curry from the Florida Marlins brought us Desert Dogs the luck, I think he was responsible for all of our teams runs just by coaching first base. I ran out there twice but didn’t even get a runner on base. Not my best showing, but its early and I am confident I will improve. Mattingly gave me a hard time as I was putting a helmet back in the rack saying “I thought you were better than that as a first base coach, you couldn’t even get a runner on??” I wore it. We lost our first game, but we got 30 something to go… 

Today, we had a night game on the road in Mesa. I woke up around 8:30 on my own and ate a bowl of lucky charms. Since I don’t really know what to do in Tempe, or have a means of transportation I decided to take a nap. why not? Post nap, I took a shower and walked to the delicatessen down the street called Chompie’s and grabbed a few toasted bagels. I believe one poppy and one pumpernickel and both were delicious. From there I hitched a ride to the field in the Kia. The bus trip was a short 15 minute drive, but we all were wearing our BP tops and pants. I sort of felt like i was back in legion ball simply because I hadn’t worn a baseball uniform on the bus since high school.  I was in the lineup today playing in Centerfield and batting first. 
We get to take batting practice in the stadiums on the road so I made sure to get some reads in center to get used to the foreign field. Once again a very large field but it plays fairly normal.  I had a pretty good night at the plate and played a part in helping our team avenge the Solar Sox. Our dugout is extremely loose which is how I like it. I think the final score tonight was 6-3, we scored a few runs in the 8th and 9th to put it out of reach. I forgot to bring an extra shirt today so i had to wear my quasi sweaty BP undershirt. Fortunately it wasn’t a long ride back to our stadium. We have a few more night games in the next few days so I imagine my next few days will be just about the same. D-dogs Record: 1-1.


Hi Cory, Work hard at that first base job because there was an opening in Atlanta. Just Kidding. I enjoyed the humorous job requirements of the first base coach.

Hey Cory,
Great job so far! Really enjoying your posts. Seeing that none of the Yankees minor leaguers have an AzFL blog, I’m excited to follow you so I can get some inside Desert Dogs info from somewhere! Best of luck this fall and enjoy every minute learning from Donnie Baseball!

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