First Day in Phoenix!

Well I didn’t get much sleep last night due to the excitement of me flying across the country for the first time! Fortunately for me, my mother whipped up a nice big breakfast to kickstart my day of travel. The stellar breakfast consisted of a 4 egg omelet, bacon (turkey for some reason, but oh well), rye toast, and a glass of hot tea.

After saying goodbye to the parents, I hopped in my older brother’s truck and he dropped me off at the RDU Airport around 6:45. This is where he mentioned to me that he is fighting off the urge to hop in one of my bags instead of heading the rest of his way to work. I love being so close to the airport and especially being close to RDU (that’s Raleigh/Durham to those of you who aren’t familiar with NC). I would venture to say it’s one of the easiest airports to get in and out of in the land.

The first part of my trip was a 3 hour flight to Las Vegas, Nevada – another place i had never been to. Due to the minimal amount of sleep the night prior, I took advantage of some shut eye on the first plane. However I did wake up to us flying over the grand canyon so that was pretty sweet. I snapped a few very amateur photos with my phone as we flew over. IMG00442-20101006-0955.jpg

My layover was rather non-existent in Vegas. It was a 10 minute walk to the terminal and a quick but over priced cheesesteak from Great Steak…. I knew I shouldn’t have gotten the combo meal! I was debating playing a few slot machines as I was waiting to board the plane, but fought the urge nicely. I did however wolf down my sandwich in front of one of the million slot machines in that airport.

The second flight was incredibly short and I could barely even read the USA Today article about Derek Jeter’s future with the Yankees and how he had a down year by his statistical standards. I still think he’s the man…

We touched down right on schedule and it was only a 10 minute wait to grab my bags. All bags accounted for! I then headed outside and grabbed a shuttle to the hotel. Met a nice older woman who was visiting Phoenix for a frisbee convention. Apparently there are six frisbee activities that people come here for this convention. I told her I enjoyed playing frisbee golf, or Frolf, and she got a good little chuckle. I told her what I was here for and both her and the driver rattled off about 20 questions or so in which i gave them my best answer… I am not really sure, or yes I am pretty excited!

Got to the hotel which is roughly 5 minutes away from Arizona State University around 1 o’clock west coast time. I found out who my roommate was in Kyle Cofield, a buddy of mine who played in AA Mississippi this summer, but his flight has been delayed so he won’t be getting in until around 7 tonight. So, I suppose I will quickly change clothes and start walking somewhere to see what this place has to offer. We have to report to the field tomorrow around 9. Pretty excited to be here!

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Hey cory
Nice blog.
Hope everything working out so far.
It was a great pleasure first meeting you in spring training
and than getting to see you again when you came into
wilmington (bluerocks).
I will be keeping up with your games this fall.
Also I hope our next meeting will be when you come into philadelphia with the Braves.(Thank you again for signing my photo of you from spring training when you came to wilmington)
Well good luck and keep up the hard work.

Tom Smith

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