Last day of practice.

I believe I speak for everyone when I say that we are growing tired of practice. Today was slightly different than the previous few practice days. I took it upon myself to track a few pitchers’ bullpens today, just to try to get used to seeing live pitching, seeing how I haven’t seen any in over a month! As for the team meeting, Donnie Baseball went over a few house keeping details in preparation for tomorrows first game! Again, a very short speech from our manager. 

We got to actually practice in the stadium today which was new and exciting. The dimensions on the field are 345′ down the lines and 410′ in center. A very large field, but with the thinner air it plays pretty normal. The team fundamental was a quick Infield and Outfield. I took 4 throws (2 to third and 2 home). Pretty standard stuff. I was in group three again for batting practice today and I will report no BP bombs again… Saving them for the games?? haha
I am running out of things to say about these practice days so I apologize for the monotony. Words can’t explain how much i’m looking forward to putting on my uniform and having our first game of the Fall League tomorrow. More to come…


Looking forward to your impressions of the first day of live games. Keep the news comin’

Take advantage of that thin air and hit one out of the park. Good luck – we are all rooting for you. Love the blog.

Glad you had a good time with those games. Cool video clip of you and Donnie Baseball:

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