Day 2

Today started with us waking up around 6:45-7. Since I stay in the living room of our apartment, I didn’t have to set an alarm. I just let my roommates wake me as they came out of their respective rooms. We tried to get the van from the Best Western(where we are still checked in), to swing by the new apartment and grab us up. We weren’t sure if the van was coming so we hailed a taxi to get us to the yard. That was a first for me, pulling upto the field in a cab. I enjoy getting to the field early just to relax and in this case get breakfast. If you were wondering I had an everything bagel with cream cheese, a bowl of honey nut cheerios and some scrambled eggs which were prepared by our clubbie! After breakfast I got changed into my awesome big league uniform and sat around and shot the breeze with some of my new teammates- I still don’t know many of the names of them. 

As for the baseball side of things, we did just about the same thing as yesterday, except today we did some bunt coverages in which I, along with the other outfielders were the dummy runners for the drill, the usual for us OF guys. I was in the first group today because they wanted to have all the groups face a different BP thrower. So, i got to hit off Don today. As i expected, he’s a pretty good BP thrower. After my rounds, I decided to run out to right field to get some reads out there. The field we have been hitting on has a mini infield in the right field portion, so I had to navigate around a random mound. Different but not do difficult to handle. After the other two groups hit we had to do some conditioning. The conditioning was for us to run around the edge of the infield at about 75-80% 6 times, 3 down and 3 back. Nice and easy. 
At the conclusion of the conditioning our day was over and we all headed into the clubhouse for lunch. From there I headed back to the apartment. And that just about sums up my day, aside from going to buffalo wild wings to watch some of the playoff games. Now its time to settle down and get ready for tomorrows events! Harrilchak out… 

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