Another day of practice!

So today I woke up, and left for the field around 9am. Got some breakfast and and threw on my big league uni. Another very short pre practice meeting from our skipper and then we all headed out to the back field. Our defensive fundamental was first and third plays for the pitchers and infielders. Us Outfield guys were the base runners yet again. Then the pitchers and infielders worked on their pick plays just to get used to each other. standard preseason type stuff. 

After completing the fundamental, the pitchers took it in for the day, and the position players hit BP. It was convenient not having the pitchers shagging today so we could get some quality reads without having to maneuver around them. I took some reads in right field alternating with Yankees OF, Brandon Laird. I was in the third group today and my new friend and fellow group 3 hitter Kyle Skipworth, of the Marlins Organization, told me he had a feeling I was gonna have a BP bomb today, he just had a hunch. I thought I got one today but right field is roughly 450 (at least it seems like it) away. I short hopped the fence. It was all i had. oh well!
When BP was over we had some easy conditioning. Day Over. I decided to get some extra work in again, as I did yesterday. I took about 40-50 hacks off a tee with hitting coach Jamie Dismuke (Braves AAA hitting coach) and Mattingly watching. And no, I wasn’t nervous that they were behind me watching. It was a productive session and I felt good leaving the cage. 
On a side note, we got our car the other day and its awesome. A Kia Sedona, with wood grain interior, 2 sliding doors, plenty of leg room, and a 7 inch DVD player!!!

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Hi Cory, We saw you in Rome although you were not there for long. Two of my friends are in Arizona and will see you play tomorrow. Good Luck!

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